AdultADHD.eu is an initiative to provide evidence-based scientific information on Adult ADHD as it is being presented in the peer-reviewed science community.

AdultADHD.eu is owned and operated by the ADDspeaker.org community, a non-profit support community for Adults with and Parents of, people with ADHD.

ADDspeaker do not have any affiliation with any political, religious nor financial interests and is run 100% on support from the community members themselves.

Our values are: Insight, Understanding, Recognition, Respect … and Empathy …

Our mission is: To make available scientifically evidence-based and peer-reviewed information, to support the everyday betterment of people with ADHD, in their daily life.

Our goals are: To fight ignorance, propaganda and detrimental agendas that works counter to our stated values and mission.

For more information, please contact our founder, Peter ‘ADDspeaker Vang via email peter.vang @ addspeaker.org.